one of a kind

Earrings made from

upcycled and 



Made from vintage

brass mailbox tags.

Always a

conversation piece.



we used to lock our suitcases with these!


These crystals were rescued from a discarded chandelier.


These were made

from the film I developed in my college photography class!

35 mm negative film



After the purchase

was made, the gift card gets a new life.


Keys from a discarded computer keyboard.


Keeping them

out of the landfill.


"B-4", "G-50" no more!

A new life for these

Bingo markers and a

used gift cards.



You know those last

few puzzle pieces

you can never find?

In my previous life,

I was attached to a hook to hold open curtains.

My new life as an accessory continues to let the light shine through.



Timeless beauty


Who needs these when you have WiFi?



Bottlecaps from the summer barbecue!


One of a kind.


Changed the locks. Upcycled the keys!


If  you know what these were made from you are giving away your age!

Made from

expired credit cards.

Life is too short to wear boring earrings!

NYC subway map from the back of a hotel promotional card.

Many childhood memories resided on these film reel.

What cloud?!

Computer files

used to be stored on floppy disks.